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The importance of writing.

The art of writing has always intrigued me in more ways than one. It holds such an important meaning for many of us! It keeps a lot of us sane whilst it takes us away in several different universes, teaching us many things whilst giving us the time of our lives. Many of us may also relate to certain characters or live in certain situations similar to what’s being told. There are so many reasons why writing is so important to not just me, but you too.

A person holding a cup of tea along with the book ‘The fellowship of the Ring’ by J. R. R Tolkien. (Found on Pinterest).

Why does writing bring just importance to the world? There are so many reasons for this as books bring people a sense of safety. When reading people get whisked away to a different world and the words you were once reading no longer exist anymore. You’re in the world, it’s almost like watching a movie but in your mind. Its a powerful skill being able to leave reality by reading what the author has written. People leave the world for many reasons some including having a tough time at home, escaping from work and school and just wanting to relax in general. The form of writing is a skill that brings many a lovely sense of peace! You can achieve dreams that you can’t achieve in reality like flying or maybe opening a bakery or a cafĂ© of your own. Having your own wonderful adventure through the eyes of your comfort character is a feeling nothing can replace.

A photo of fantasy with several flowing waterfalls in the distance daring to flow off of the cliffs accompanied by a beautiful fairy-tale like kingdom. In closer view there are winding darker trees surrounded by a clashing cherry red glowing with the help of fireflies. (Found via Aesthetics wiki).

Writing also has many teaching capabilities like equipping the writer with a larger imagination and quick thinking skills. It takes careful time to also plan and create a good working environment for their book to thrive. Communication skills are also an important aspect of any writer due to being able to speak to their audience about what they may have liked or disliked about the book. Criticism is important to take on but so hard to handle if you’re new to it. It may hurt at first, your work of art being criticised but it makes a better book and creates an author who’s able to understand constructive criticism which is another important skill. Writing also gives the author the opportunity to express themselves through their characters and locations all whilst bringing a great method of escapism to their readers.

A photo of a person writing in their notebook. On their left is a half eaten crossiant along with a cup of black coffee.
(Found via Unsplash)

Overall, there are many abilities writers posses that show the importance of writing. It allows people to show others who they are through their work along with being an incredible escapism method for others including the author themselves. Im also writing my own book named Scripted and it will be my first book! I’d truly appriciate any feedback from certain snippets and plot explanations I share! Have an incredible day ans be sure to keep writing and reading whenever you can. Give time to yourself!

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