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What to do when you feel knocked back.

My main key of advice here is probably something you’ve heard hundreds of times but it’s true. Do not give in! Don’t stop working on your project, don’t stop writing your story don’t stop what makes you happy because others aren’t taking an interest. It’s time you do something for you this time and if you enjoy doing it then, why stop? You deserve to be happy and you definitely deserve to create something you’re proud of. You shouldn’t let anybody stop you from your creation! I do admit, it leaves you feeling hurt and feeling like you should just stop. But you shouldn’t! You need to rise above and start doing something for you. There will be set backs, and you’ll begin to think if it was a good idea or not. It is, your work is incredible and it’s time you begin to take the steps to believe in yourself and gain your motivation back. But what helps with motivation in these situations? Here’s 3 ways to help you get your motivation back.

A peach colour motivational quote written in white. (Found via inspirational quotes)

Break down your goal into smaller and more manageable steps.

Through this method, you’ll be able to view each individual step you need to complete to reach your overall goal. Write them down! Take a look at the first step and schedule when you can do it, truly focus and before you know it you’ll be checking each step off and believe me when I say that it’s such a satisfying feeling. Through this, you’ll realise that you can do it! You won’t be able to take it on in one try, it may take several but I know you’ll be able to do it. If you view it as one big name without the list then it may seem extremely overwhelming and you won’t be able to see the steps you must take to achieve your overall goal. As well as this, you’ll actually be able to celebrate each step as you complete it! Which, in turn, will help you with motivate yourself.

An inspiring quote by an unknown person on a beige toned background with black writing.
(Found Via Tumgir).

Be surrounded with supportive people.

You will be your own worst enemy if you surround yourself with people who just don’t care. Why you may ask? Because then you will be filled with the same negative attitude about your work. You’ll begin to believe their negative attitude and not care about yourself. That’s not how it should be! You need supportive friends and family to help you on your bad days when you feel like you can’t do it anymore. When you feel like the work you’ve done isn’t worth it and you’ve wasted time. The truth is that your work is worth it. You have not wasted your time doing something you love. You are worth it and your work is an extension of you. Friends and family should be there to keep you happy and ready to take on the battle of your project. They can be your motivation when you have none and you can be theirs when they feel the same. Surround yourself with supportive people and then you too will begin to be supportive to yourself.

A motivational quote with a peach toned background accompanied by black writing. (Found via inspiration feed).

Have a reward system.

This method is a clear way to encourage yourself and help you reach smaller goals to achieve your overall goal. Smaller goals, which include rewards work a treat and help you keep motivated throughout your work. But what would the best reward system be, that wouldn’t continously distract you and make you focus on your distraction more than your work. Some bad examples are reading part a book as your reward or watching a bit of TV. What I personally reccomend is something that you can eat. Maybe a sweet like a jelly baby or even a different food of yours. Or have a larger reward at the end of your goal for the day! That’s when a book or TV etc will come in handy.

Overall, you deserve to be motivated! It’s a hard road ahead to become your most motivated self, but it’s worth the initial struggle. You’ll do amazing things! And don’t give up!

A motivational quote to encourage you to be proud of yourself. A scribbled pink background with red writing. (Found Via Pinterest).

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