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Hi! My pen name is L and i’m an aspiring author with many dreams that lay currently untouched. Through this blog, i hope to inspire myself to finish my book and many many more! I will share snippets of my stories and articles throughout this journey. I hope you choose to come along!

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Updating my progress each week…

A quote from my story in progress is shown above.

About Me

Im 19 years of age and go by the name L throughout my writing. I began my journey at the age of 4, writing fantasy stories about witches and faries in a variety of colourful tones of crayon. Now though, 15 years later after school and college I feel ready to take my own confident steps toward becoming the author that younger me only saw within their dreams. I focus on LGBT+ romance, action and of course, for my younger self, a splash of fantasy. The current book im writing is named Scripted which you can discover more about that through my blog! I truly hope you stay and join me on this terrifying yet absolutely wonderful path I have chosen for myself.