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What follows is a snippet of my book! A man named Misaki fufills his dream of owning his own coffee shop with his childhood friend, Hio. Through this many tales of people’s lives are known to him, but a tale of his own soon arrives as an extremely rich and popular author chooses his small coffee shop to base his new book on.

The front cover for my book Scripted. (Created via PicsArt and Colour)

Melodies gently rang out through the small yet bustling room with a high pitch chime, seeming to be comforting to many. A soft rumble of chatter accompanied those familiar gentle chimes of the metal Bell as people proceeded to walk in and out of the small cafe. Many treasured this little building of mine, probably because of the warmth it seems to provide and that lingering fresh coffee smell. As soon as you walk in, it hits you. The sound of boiling water, gentle chat, sips and coffee pouring into a China cup. It’s comforting for many, especially me. Why else did I buy this building? I practically built it from the ground up. It cost so much just to get it running, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was what became of my dream, as long as it’s running then it’s okay. A chime interrupted my chaotic and boring thoughts, causing my ‘business mode’ to kick in. 

“Welcome!” My voice was as bright as usual, the same sparkle in my eyes and excitement running through my body. This was my dream! To own my own cafe and give everybody the safe space they so desperately needed. “How may I help you?” The person before me cracked a small smile, their eyes meeting mine before glazing across the menu rather quickly. People never seemed to waste their time looking through the menu, everybody stayed with what they knew. Nobody tries anything different anymore. Then again – neither do I.
“A Latte, please.” Nodding, I began to get to work, creating a strong coffee and hot milk, combining them both softly as I hummed to myself. When I first opened this café, even though I researched and practiced making all types of coffee – when it was somebody actually ordering it I seemed to panic. However I make so many that I just moved on instinct, I’m simply a natural!

Despite the continuous rumble of the chatter surrounding me, I could only really focus on the warm sounds of the coffee. Smiling, I poured the steaming coffee and milk into the glistening white cup, the sound almost therapeutic. “Thank you.” The man before me hummed, a gentle smile sewn on his lips as he reached for the cup holding his energy for the next few hours. Everybody spoke from script around here, ‘this please’ which was usually followed by a ‘thank you’ and clanks of money falling against the wooden table. I wasn’t fussed though, more conversation then those few words was known to make me flustered. Not a cute and clumsy type where I’d fumble with the jugs and cups, resulting in shattered China. More of a type where my heart rate would Increase to the point where I could feel it against my chest, my Lungs filling with panic as my throat begins to close. Just pure anxiety really.

Taking those coins, I placed them in the till, closing it and allowing a sigh to escape my lips. “You seem a little bummed out.” I let out a laugh, my eyes squinting as the sunlight seemed to glide in from the large windows that scattered the walls yet fit so well like paintings. My small cafe wasn’t surrounded by much, a few other shops but nothing like this – the people who come here genuinely go out of their way for my coffee. It’s an honour to be able to hear those high pitched chimes whenever somebody walks in or take their leave. It means I’m doing a good job. Besides, pretty much everybody is a regular! Apart from this man anyway.
“Ah, it’s nothing!” A blush coated my cheeks, my lungs beginning to fill with empty air. Open conversation was an absolute hell, I didn’t have a script for this and nor did he.

Whats to come?

What I’ve shared with you is simply the beginning of an LGBT+ romance based upon one coffee shop and three characters who have their lives intertwined. I hope you will stick around longer for the finished product! Its still a work in progress but I’m working hard and things are going well overall.

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Im 19 years old and im an aspiring author! Leaving a like on my blog posts is genuinely so helpful to me. Read more about me on my blog! :)

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