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Written in Lavender.

Hi! My names L and im an aspiring author with many dreams that lay currently untouched. Through this blog, i hope to inspire myself to finish my book and many many more! I will share snippets of my stories and articles throughout this journey. I hope you choose to come along!

Beginning this blog is a big step for me as an individual and as a writer. For a lot of my life I’ve been told by teachers that I have the gift of writing. All through those hundreds of English exams and essays, the creative writing page at the back of every paper – that final question would always give me that grade 6. However, I’ve faced many challenges like being denied my future due to being bad at a certain subject which of course happens to be math.

Published by L

Im 19 years old and im an aspiring author! Leaving a like on my blog posts is genuinely so helpful to me. Read more about me on my blog! :)

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