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Manga Reccomendations.

I wanted to take a look at some of my favourite manga! So let’s take a look at them and the basic plot, maybe you’d like to take a look too at the incredible worlds that await. Here are my top 5 mangas! 1. Black Butler. This manga has to be one of my allContinue reading “Manga Reccomendations.”


What follows is a snippet of my book! A man named Misaki fufills his dream of owning his own coffee shop with his childhood friend, Hio. Through this many tales of people’s lives are known to him, but a tale of his own soon arrives as an extremely rich and popular author chooses his smallContinue reading “Scripted”

The importance of writing.

The art of writing has always intrigued me in more ways than one. It holds such an important meaning for many of us! It keeps a lot of us sane whilst it takes us away in several different universes, teaching us many things whilst giving us the time of our lives. Many of us mayContinue reading “The importance of writing.”